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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Abomination Of Desolation

I am of the view that the 'abomination of desolation' spoken by the prophet Daniel to which Jesus referred in Mat 24 was the "people of the prince" Dan 9:26 (Titus the son of the Emperor Vespasian and his Legion) having razed Jerusalem and the temple to the ground in AD 70 putting and end to sacrifices..

Jesus was addressing that generation, post Him being cut off. A generation that was granted 40 years of extended mercy at the end of which the church in Jerusalem took flee beyond the Jordan in Pella having heeded the words of Jesus "When ye see these things ( Jerusalem surrounded by the armies of Titus) Rightly so; the word of Jesus was fulfilled "Not one hair of your head shall perish"...The siege was lifted for three days enabling the disciples to flee to where the Lord had prepared.. Furthermore; their flight did not take place on the Sabbath. the very thing which Jesus had asked asked them to pray for.. This is all recorded History.....

The "Son of perdition" (Lawless one) prophesied by Apostle Paul has nothing to do with Daniels prophecy as that is already fulfilled as stated above..
There have been many antichrists (false prophets) lead by the spirit of antichrist...
We understand this by the words of the Apostle 1JN 4:1-3

The "son of perdition" I believe will be the final (false prophet) of Rev13:11-18 which will appear lamb-like (representing a False christ by a false spirit) He,(the son of perdition) Like Judas the Apostate, will be entered by satan and will then manifest the authority of the dragon unto the final persecution of God's people (the remnant church of Jesus Christ) It will be during this final tribulation of the saints that The Glorious Lord shall appear in the clouds in the wrath of the lamb as judge of the Quick and the Dead, rendering to each man unto their deeds Rev 22:11

Thursday, 11 December 2014

One Eternal Covenant

The New covenant is the “eternal covenant”. There is not going back to the old covenant. God has moved forward in the process of redemption.
After the tribulation comes the end, when Christ returns to judge the living and the dead rewarding each man for their deeds Rev22:12.
Furthermore; When the end comes, it is the Kingdom of God the Father ratified by the New Covenant made up of only (the redeemed of the Lord) that will be forever established when Christ “delivers up His kingdom to the God and Father” 1Cor15:24 and He himself (Jesus) is subjected to the Father 1Cor15:28
It is a fallacy of theology that gives the hope of salvation to any man post the return of Christ.
Hebrew-root and pro Jewish messianic folks including most dispensationalists who maintain that there is to be a renewal of the Old Covenant are gravely mistaken. 
If Christ indeed be our High-Priest forever, then it is also true that His Finished sacrifice alone accomplished the redemptive purposes of God the Father by the shed blood of Messiah.
There are to be no more sacrifices, to suggest otherwise is to tread under-foot the Blood of the eternal covenant which many are presently doing…..

john B

Thursday, 4 December 2014

God Has Only One People.

Who are the people of God? 
It is a misconception among christians that the Jewish race are God's people...They were His people under the Old Covenant of Moses.. 
The Jewish race was instrumental within the plan of redemption... God has moved on in His redemptive plan.. Messiah has come establishing a New covenant, an eternal one by which race is replaced by grace..
Abraham was prophesied to be the father of many Nations.. 
That prophesy is fulfilled in Jesus who was the only legitimate heir of the promise given Abraham.. 
It is Jews and Gentiles who together by Grace through Faith which are Grafted into the Israel of God that are God's people (The Olive Tree) It is only to such that salvation belong..

Any Jew or Gentile outside of that (Olive Tree) are not the people of God, but rather His enemies.. 
And rightly so did the Apostles of the Lord refer to all unbelievers as enemies of the Cross at enmity with God..
To this day Judaism has nothing in Christ Jesus, for they still tread underfoot the Blood of the eternal covenant.. 
God honours only the redeemed of the Lord by the Blood of the eternal covenant..

Salvation is a personal matter and not a racial one.. For the calling of God is made real by the indwelling Spirit of  God in the believer, by which all together co-operatively make up His people...  
john B

Friday, 24 October 2014

The Days Of Lot Are Upon Us..

Why can't Homosexuals and lesbians just keep their 'sexuality' private?
Why must they impose their manner of ((LovE)) upon society at large?
Why do they target Christians specifically?
As it was in the days of Lot.. 
Lot whilst in Sodom was a perplexed man surrounded by wickedness and sodomite aggression. Genesis 19:4-7
That very same Spirit is very alive today within the gay community..
What makes a man dress as a nun and dance in the street with his naked partner?..
Many have come to believe that this kind of behaviour is ok and acceptable.. 
Well; it is not Ok and it is not normal behaviour !... 
Thirty years ago that sort of behaviour would have landed you in Jail.. Today; the law permits even those who are to enforce the law (police) to join in the debauchery.. Yes; The promotion of homosexual sexual Debauchery is lawful.. However;  it is Lawlessness in the sight of God and an affront to all righteous men within the created order....
We as a generation have lost the value of dignity and have allowed perversion to conquer the little righteousness we had...
I would remind all that God dealt with the wickedness of Sodom in severe judgment and that He rescued righteous Lot out of it..
I am not ashamed to lift High the Cross of Christ in the face of this aggression,
and maybe some will see that there is always Mercy before Judgment....

john B

Monday, 13 October 2014


The subtle Luciferian transformation agenda is revealed below...
HUMANISM: Transition.
GLOBALISM: New Paradigm.
Christianity: Biblical absolutes (the Word of God the creator)
Humanism: Relative values (no faith)
Globalism: Global absolutes and values (new age)
Christianity: The Bible reveals reality.....
Humanism: Science alone explains reality.....
Globalism: Feelings and experience prove reality (New-age mentality)
Christianity: God is personal (loves us) and greater than His creation...
Humanism: God is a crutch, an illusion, science has the answers..
Globalism: An impersonal universal god (pantheism) makes all things one (monism)
Christianity: Teach personal responsibility and accountability...
Humanism: Teach human rights...
Globalism: Teach collective duties or responsibilities.
Christianity: Don't tolerate sin (but love sinners)
Humanism: Tolerate all lifestyles...
Globalism: Don't tolerate dissenters (zero tolerance)
Christianity: Trust God ..
Humanism: Trust self ..
Globalism: Trust the state ..

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

AD70 & The Commonwealth Of Israel

 Apostle Paul wrote his epistles prior to AD70..The partial hardening of The Jews mentioned in Rom 11:25 ended in AD70 after which the Nation was destroyed as prophesied by Jesus Mat 24:15 wherein He makes reference to Daniels Prophecy..

The fullness of the Gentiles coming in, to which the Apostle refers = (the gospel going to the Gentiles) it is not about the last Gentile to be saved and then coming the Jews turn again to be saved.. The scripture is very clear, for the Gospel is preached to all men Jews first..
The prophesied destruction of the nation happened back then in AD70 with "the one who came making desolate, even until a complete destruction" 
Dan 9:27, Mat 24:15
The Roman army being the people of the "prince" (Titus, son of the emperor Vespartian) Dan 9: 26.. 

Despensationalists wrongly imply that event of Daniels prophecy to the modern state of Israel at a future time, saying that the last week (the seventieth week) of Daniels prophecy was not part of the preceding sixty nine weeks.. in other words They break the continuity of the prophetic flow placing a 2000 year gap between the sixty-ninth and the seventieth week..
All prophecy must be understood in the light of the Gospel and Epistles.. 
Understanding what the symbolic "Olive Tree" be, Nullifies the dispensational theory of a future salvation post-return of Christ for Jews or any person for that matter, for at the end comes "the judgment of the Living and the dead".... See: post (What of the end when Jesus returns) 

The Olive Tree of Rom11 is "The commonwealth of Israel" For it is God who grafts both Groups (Jews and Gentiles) into His "commonwealth of Israel" to save them all as 'one people' under the headship of Christ by grace through faith prior to the end and the return of Christ.. 
The Apostles taught no other means of salvation but by grace through faith. That salvation was also spoken by the prophets as the "New Covenant" 

There is only the "one Hope of Israel" for which Paul endured prison Acts 26:6,7, 28:20.. That one hope of Israel is the "promise given to the Fathers" Acts 26:6 realised by the new covenant within the "commonwealth of Israel" The redeemed of the Lord purchased by the Blood of Christ..
See: post (Abraham Father Of Many Nations)

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Bishops In The Early Churches

 Bishop: Greek 'Episkopos' lit., an overseer (to look or watch) which has precisely the same meaning, is found in Acts 20:28, Phil 1:1, 1Tim 3:2, 1Pet 2:25
The other Greek word 'Presbuteros' an Elder is another term for the same person as Bishop or overseer.
example: Peter an Apostle said; "I exhort all the elders among you as a fellow-elder"
1Pet 5:1
Bishops/Elders were appointed by the Holy Spirit dispensing their ministerial Gifts as "given" by the ascended Lord Jesus See: Eph 4:8-12, Acts 20:28.
In the early Apostolic churches there was no such position as 'priest or pastor', the church was ministered by the 'collective elder-ship' made up of 'men'... Furthermore; these churches were independent and accountable to the Lord Himself.. We see this in the book of Revelation, where Jesus addresses the seven churches individually, separately bringing them to account. Rev 1:4

These early Apostolic churches were not the 'denominational systems' that we have today.. Denominationalism is the formulation of 'Authoritarian rule' with one man up the top (Pope, Super-intendent, Senior pastor, ect:...
Denominationalism is the 'Babylonian culture' of the Woman/Whore (false religion) seated up top of the beast... Rev 17:3-5
One dares not question the denominational authority without angering the 'Woman' that presides..
That is my experience.. 
I come out years ago.. The "wilderness" is a beautiful place of worship...

Blessing to you in Jesus name
john B

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Upon This Rock

Upon this Rock I will build my Church said Jesus unto Peter..
Thou art Peter Greek New testament (petros) = small stone and upon this Rock Greek New Testament (petra) = Large rock , I will build my Church.. Mat 16:18... 
The Petra/Rock is what Peter had just confessed "Thou art the Christ The son of the Living God" Vs16... 

It is upon that truth (who Christ is) as was revealed to Peter that The church is built.. Believers are the "Living stones" As Peter said in 1 Pet 2:5

Peter is Flesh and Blood said Jesus of him and as such not a suitable foundation for God's Spiritual house/church.. A spiritual house needs a spiritual foundation...That which is spiritual cannot be founded/built upon that which is natural (flesh and blood)

Jesus is the spiritual man..the second Adam (the Word of God) and He is the cornerstone of the church, and all who confess Him as Peter did, are united as "living stones" to the Foundational corner stone.  Furthermore; The Foundation upon which the church is built  Apostle Paul tells us is "the Apostles and the Prophets and Christ Himself the cornerstone".. Eph 2:19,20
If Peter was the foundational rock, surely Paul would have known about it and would have said so..

The suggestion that Peter was the first Pope has no scriptural backing.. Apostolic succession as well does not have scriptural backing and certainly has nothing to do with an elevated Apostle succeeding one another)
It is the 'Apostolic Faith' that is in succession from generation to generation and Christ the sole builder of His church will raise up and appoint Men according to His will as was the case with Apostle Paul  1Cor 3:10 to fulfil the task...

Christ is the Head of His Church from whom the entire body is supplied and held together Col2:19
(It is not the Pope who is the head ) nor any man for that matter for all are" flesh and blood"

Saturday, 28 June 2014

What of the End when Jesus returns?

The Bible tells what is to happen when Jesus Returns.. Jesus is Going to return from where He is seated presently at the right hand of the Father To 'judge the Living and the dead' He will do this by His appearing and His Kingdom 2Tim 4:1
"Do not marvel for an Hour is coming in which (((ALL))) who are in the tomb shall hear His (Jesus) voice and shall come forth some unto the resurrection of Life and others unto the resurrection of judgment" Jn 5:28,29..  (We understand that there is to be one resurrection with two outcomes)..
"For the son of man is going to come in the Glory of His Father with His angels and will then recompense (((every man))) according to their deeds" Mat 16:27.. (The deeds referred are the deeds of Faith and the deeds of unbelief.. The deeds of righteousness and the deeds of wickedness)..
"The son of man will send forth His angels and they will gather Out Of His Kingdom (present tense) all stumbling blocks.... then the righteous will shine forth in the ((Kingdom of their Father)))
We understand that there is to be a division where the wicked in unbelief are seperated from the faithful righteous..

The Lords Prayer as taught by Jesus is for the coming of the Father's Kingdom.. This is what the righteous pray for as instructed by Jesus..
It is in the 'Kingdom of the Father' that Jesus will drink the New wine/fruit of the vine with his disciples Mat 26:29...
Jesus said "on the (((Last Day))) I will raise Him Up" Jn 6:40,41 (the resurrection of the righteous)..

In1 Cor 15:12-23 the Apostle is speaking about the resurrection and says in  Vs24...."THEN COMES THE END" when He (Jesus) delivers up the kingdom to the God and Father when He has abolished all rule and authority and power. For He must reign (present tense) until He has put all His enemies under His feet. The Last enemy that will be abolished is death" 1 Cor 15:24-26

Death is abolished by the resurrection and the Apostle says that it is the LAST enemy.. There are no more enemies after the resurrection for Christ to subdue or rule over.. the Apostle says "He (Jesus) delivers up the kingdom to the Father"
Jesus said; "Heaven and Earth will pass away....But of that Day and Hour no one knows... 
Mat 24:35,36

((PASS AWAY)) by Fire,  BURNED UP just as Apostle Peter said 2Pet 3:10.. 

See what John The baptist had to say about that day Mat 3:12.. see also Mk 9: 43 about the supernatural unquenchable Fire
Is it the natural kingdom of Israel which is to be restored as is widely believed and propagated by many? The answer is NO!.. 
He will restore the Kingdom of the Father (the Kingdom of God) which is presently preached to Jews and Greeks/gentiles....The inheritors of the Kingdom are His people of the New Covenant, His Chosen Race and Holy Nation whom He purchased with His Blood.. It is not the restoration of the Davidic Kingdom as taught by dispensationalist.. nor is it the antichrist Zionists presently in the land  that will be restored..The Apostles make that very clear as explained above whose Kingdom it will be..
He will indeed restore the Kingdom  to 'His Israel' (the redeemed of the Lord) "The Olive Tree of Rom 11 made up of the Jewish and Gentile remnant...For God purchased no other than those washed in the Blood of Christ.. Today if you hear His voice harden not your heart for tomorrow is the day of Judgment.....

john B

Saturday, 21 June 2014


 When Apostle Paul made reference to the Jews in the NT, he meant those who were under the Law of Moses, These were the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who had been set free from the bondage of Egypt.
The Apostle went to great length in detail to explain that it is not the lineage of Abraham that counts for salvation but rather Abrahams promise given him through faith which was fulfilled by Christ, Abraham's only seed and heir of the promise given Him by God. That through Christ He (Abraham) would be the father of many Nations.. 
(It is in that Light and in the fulfilment of that promise which "The Israel of God" is to be found).. 

Grace has made obsolete Race or Nationality (Jew or Gentile) for that matter.. It is all about being a 'New Creation' in Christ Jesus.. "Old things have passed away"....
A Jew just as a Gentile (other nationalities) must be grafted into the Olive Tree. which is (a symbolic representation of The Israel of God).
 Let us understand; that this "Olive Tree" is not the Present  Zionist State of Israel!
in other words, the 'Zionist state' is not the Symbolic Olive Tree about which Apostle wrote
Rom 11:17
Apostle said; "and SO all Israel will be saved" He is not referring to the present Zionist state but only to those grafted in by the Grace of God (Jews & gentiles) They both together form the Israel of God which is to be save in its completeness..
There is no future promise to any man, Jew or Gentile  outside the ordained manner of Abraham's Faith..
The words 'and SO' defines the fashion/way by which The Israel of God is to be saved and that is "By Grace through Faith" Just as Apostle preached...
So; Abraham was called out/taken from a Gentile Nation (Ur) Gen 11: 31 to become the father of many Nations, Israel included...
As can be seen in the symbolic "Olive Tree" The Israel of God consists of both groups Jews and Gentiles who all have their source in Abraham. as the father of faith.....

Prior to His ascension into heaven, Jesus the Seed of the promise given to Abraham, commissions the disciples to Go and make disciples of all Nations.. 
What a marvellous Plan of redemption is entailed in the Grace of God..

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Ecumenical Whore

 Ecumenism begun with the Jesuit counter reformation.. The objective was to have one religion restored under the Pontifex Maximus.. Wherever Rome lost influence, all were persecuted with the opportunity to recant their protest and be reunited under the Pope or die...
The whorish spirit of ecumenism presently seeks to include all faiths including none christians ones.. I say whorish because of the idolatrous and adulterous nature of ecumenism!
The two popes recently canonised were instrumental in bringing this spirit into great fruition..
Contrary to what seems an impossible task of inter-faith unification, it is prophesied to happen... 
I see this expressed By the 'Image worship of the beast'.. 
I do not believe it to be a literal Image worship as was in the Days of The prophet Daniel, but rather the image of the beast from the bottomless pit Rev11 created and imposed within the heart by the Spirit of ecumenism (the worship of the ecumenical god Lucifer) A good reading of Rev11 shows great parallelism with the Blood thirsty Whore.
As I understand it; The 'Strong delusion' by the hand of God will be instrumental to this unification 2Thes2:11.. It will be God that gives those who refuse the Love of the truth over to the Lie.. The Lie being that God has many names within the differing faiths, but that he is the same god worshipped by all.. Such is the Masonic doctrine of 'the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man' a doctrine which is also being promoted via the demonic Marian apparitions world wide.

I commented on trunews and I noticed not only the objection to Bishop Palmer but also the overwhelming support by those already under the strong delusion..
Let all be warned that they who fellowship with the Whore will receive of her plagues!

Sunday, 23 February 2014


The necessity of baptism is taught By Jesus and the Apostles..
We see the connection of Baptism to faith in the words of Jesus
"He who believes and has been baptised  shall be saved; but he who has disbelieved shall be condemned" Mk16:16
It was Saul who was blinded by the Light on the Damascus Road On that road was where he experienced the reality of Christ risen from the dead and it was, that he received the directive to the stret called straight where  he was baptised for the remission of his sins Acts22:16 and thereafter he was commissioned as Apostle  Paul.

The baptism of John (the baptizer) was not the same baptism which the disciples were commissioned to perform by the Lord Jesus..
That baptism (John's) was no longer valid after the Death and resurrection of Jesus..
Example: Apollos was teaching John's baptism to the Jews at Ephesus. Upon hearing this, Aquila and Priscilla "expounded unto him the way of God more perfectly" Acts18:25-26
When Paul came to Ephesus he found 12 men that needed to be baptised "in the Name of Christ "having previously received John's baptism Acts 19:3-5...
John's baptism could not cause the believer to be 'UNITED TOGETHER' in the likeness of Jesus' death and resurrection Rom6:5, for Jesus had not yet made the way for this "oneness" in the likeness of His death and resurrection by the provision of His cleansing blood with the remission of sins..
Let us understand: Baptism is much more than just a symbolism of the believers faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus...It is the Blood of Jesus that washes away sin and purges the conscience Heb 9:14
This is the providence of God for sinners.. Baptism is the way which God ordained for the effectiveness of 'the cleansing Blood to be applied to the believer'.. (what Faith recognises, Baptism realises) in other words (Christ shed his blood for all men and it is my Faith in conjunction with my baptism that makes it real for me.. It is my Baptism that spiritually 'unites me to the Cross of Christ' where His Blood was shed for the remission of My sins) Hence Apostle Peter on the day of pentecost said to the repentants who were pierced to the heart, "Let each of you be baptised for the remission of your sins; and you shall receive the Gift of the Holy Spirit" Acts 2:38. 
That pattern is followed right Through the Acts of the Apostles in association with the laying on of Hands..
Salvation is not effective to the believer until such Time as the remission of his/her sins has taken place.. Apostle Peter certainly believed that! and he preached it on the day of pentecost.. That is also why  Apostle Peter can boldly say using Noah's watery flood in analogy "Baptism Now saves You"
1Pet 3:20,21

What begins with belief and repentance must follow the ordained precept of God 'Baptism' if one is willing to "fulfil all righteousness" and enter into the Fulness of Life made possible by the new covenant in the Blood of Christ Jesus..