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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

The Ecumenical Whore

 Ecumenism begun with the Jesuit counter reformation.. The objective was to have one religion restored under the Pontifex Maximus.. Wherever Rome lost influence, all were persecuted with the opportunity to recant their protest and be reunited under the Pope or die...
The whorish spirit of ecumenism presently seeks to include all faiths including none christians ones.. I say whorish because of the idolatrous and adulterous nature of ecumenism!
The two popes recently canonised were instrumental in bringing this spirit into great fruition..
Contrary to what seems an impossible task of inter-faith unification, it is prophesied to happen... 
I see this expressed By the 'Image worship of the beast'.. 
I do not believe it to be a literal Image worship as was in the Days of The prophet Daniel, but rather the image of the beast from the bottomless pit Rev11 created and imposed within the heart by the Spirit of ecumenism (the worship of the ecumenical god Lucifer) A good reading of Rev11 shows great parallelism with the Blood thirsty Whore.
As I understand it; The 'Strong delusion' by the hand of God will be instrumental to this unification 2Thes2:11.. It will be God that gives those who refuse the Love of the truth over to the Lie.. The Lie being that God has many names within the differing faiths, but that he is the same god worshipped by all.. Such is the Masonic doctrine of 'the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man' a doctrine which is also being promoted via the demonic Marian apparitions world wide.

I commented on trunews and I noticed not only the objection to Bishop Palmer but also the overwhelming support by those already under the strong delusion..
Let all be warned that they who fellowship with the Whore will receive of her plagues!