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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Abomination Of Desolation

I am of the view that the 'abomination of desolation' spoken by the prophet Daniel to which Jesus referred in Mat 24 was the "people of the prince" Dan 9:26 (Titus the son of the Emperor Vespasian and his Legion) having razed Jerusalem and the temple to the ground in AD 70 putting and end to sacrifices..

Jesus was addressing that generation, post Him being cut off. A generation that was granted 40 years of extended mercy at the end of which the church in Jerusalem took flee beyond the Jordan in Pella having heeded the words of Jesus "When ye see these things ( Jerusalem surrounded by the armies of Titus) Rightly so; the word of Jesus was fulfilled "Not one hair of your head shall perish"...The siege was lifted for three days enabling the disciples to flee to where the Lord had prepared.. Furthermore; their flight did not take place on the Sabbath. the very thing which Jesus had asked asked them to pray for.. This is all recorded History.....

The "Son of perdition" (Lawless one) prophesied by Apostle Paul has nothing to do with Daniels prophecy as that is already fulfilled as stated above..
There have been many antichrists (false prophets) lead by the spirit of antichrist...
We understand this by the words of the Apostle 1JN 4:1-3

The "son of perdition" I believe will be the final (false prophet) of Rev13:11-18 which will appear lamb-like (representing a False christ by a false spirit) He,(the son of perdition) Like Judas the Apostate, will be entered by satan and will then manifest the authority of the dragon unto the final persecution of God's people (the remnant church of Jesus Christ) It will be during this final tribulation of the saints that The Glorious Lord shall appear in the clouds in the wrath of the lamb as judge of the Quick and the Dead, rendering to each man unto their deeds Rev 22:11

Thursday, 11 December 2014

One Eternal Covenant

The New covenant is the “eternal covenant”. There is not going back to the old covenant. God has moved forward in the process of redemption.
After the tribulation comes the end, when Christ returns to judge the living and the dead rewarding each man for their deeds Rev22:12.
Furthermore; When the end comes, it is the Kingdom of God the Father ratified by the New Covenant made up of only (the redeemed of the Lord) that will be forever established when Christ “delivers up His kingdom to the God and Father” 1Cor15:24 and He himself (Jesus) is subjected to the Father 1Cor15:28
It is a fallacy of theology that gives the hope of salvation to any man post the return of Christ.
Hebrew-root and pro Jewish messianic folks including most dispensationalists who maintain that there is to be a renewal of the Old Covenant are gravely mistaken. 
If Christ indeed be our High-Priest forever, then it is also true that His Finished sacrifice alone accomplished the redemptive purposes of God the Father by the shed blood of Messiah.
There are to be no more sacrifices, to suggest otherwise is to tread under-foot the Blood of the eternal covenant which many are presently doing…..

john B

Thursday, 4 December 2014

God Has Only One People.

Who are the people of God? 
It is a misconception among christians that the Jewish race are God's people...They were His people under the Old Covenant of Moses.. 
The Jewish race was instrumental within the plan of redemption... God has moved on in His redemptive plan.. Messiah has come establishing a New covenant, an eternal one by which race is replaced by grace..
Abraham was prophesied to be the father of many Nations.. 
That prophesy is fulfilled in Jesus who was the only legitimate heir of the promise given Abraham.. 
It is Jews and Gentiles who together by Grace through Faith which are Grafted into the Israel of God that are God's people (The Olive Tree) It is only to such that salvation belong..

Any Jew or Gentile outside of that (Olive Tree) are not the people of God, but rather His enemies.. 
And rightly so did the Apostles of the Lord refer to all unbelievers as enemies of the Cross at enmity with God..
To this day Judaism has nothing in Christ Jesus, for they still tread underfoot the Blood of the eternal covenant.. 
God honours only the redeemed of the Lord by the Blood of the eternal covenant..

Salvation is a personal matter and not a racial one.. For the calling of God is made real by the indwelling Spirit of  God in the believer, by which all together co-operatively make up His people...  
john B